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Order your Birth Announcement, Holiday Card, or any other project here!

Please read!
These three steps can be completed one at a time. You do not need to complete all three steps at the same time. For example if you received an announcement as a gift please register, skip the payment step and upload. You can upload at the same time or come back another time.

When you register you should receive a "Thanks for Registering" message in that same space on this screen.
When you pay through Google Check Out you should receive an email saying that payment has been made.
After you upload you should receive an email that states it was successful..  

If you experience ANY problems please call or email us!!






Video Birth Announcement $49

Video Birth Announcement with 3 Keepsake DVDs $99

Holiday Video Card $49

If you prefer please send a check mail to:
CoolDog Productions


IMPORTANT: Before you proceed see this page for technical requirements for your photos and tips to take better ones. Printable pdf
All photos should be at least 800 x 600 pixels and at least 150 dpi.
Please label all photos in the order you would like them to appear.
Name them BabyName 01, BabyName_02 etc.


Birth Announcement photo counts:
Classic: 22 pics
Cute: 36 pics
Cool: 26 pics

If you prefer please send a CD with burned images to:
CoolDog Productions


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